With the first confirmed death in the US from the Coronavirus, most Americans are starting to become more aware of the realities behind the disease. Amid Coronavirus panic, there has already been a global run on face masks, especially the N95. Non-perishable and canned goods, as well as bottled water, are flying off the shelves at every grocery store across the US. Just check #Costco which is trending on twitter right now to see pictures and videos. One thing people still aren’t considering yet is a shortage of medicine.

The US closed its last penicillin fermenting plant in 2004. A study conducted by the Department of Commerce found that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the US came from China. Furthermore, about 80 percent of active pharmaceuticals used to make drugs in the US are produced abroad, the majority in China and India.

With continued quarantines and infection rates rising in China, its manufacturing sector likely shrank in February at the fastest pace since 2009 and the global financial crisis. With a huge decrease in the amount of medicine China is producing, as well as potential outbreaks in India, Americans should be prepared to stock up on medicines before a shortage occurs.